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Trapped by debt no more!

Lend Me director’s assistant Tamryn was living month-to-month, consumed by her car and personal loan repayments.

More than $1,000 a month went towards paying off her loans, leaving her with almost nothing to spend on herself. We just couldn’t let that happen!


Tamryn’s Story

Debt cost: $1,100+ a month
Debt types: Car loan, Personal loan

For what felt like a lifetime, Tam struggled to get on top of her personal loan and in 2014 needed a loan to purchase a new car. The gravity of her situation started to sink in at the end of each month, when she was paying of her debt but had no leftover cash to spend.

Tam, a young and fun social butterfly, was missing out on opportunities to see friends and feel good about herself because she was held back by her loan repayments. She felt completely trapped and isolated by her finances and was beginning to feel like there was no way out of her sticky situation.

Having known her for a long time, Lend Me Director Steve noticed that Tam wasn’t acting like herself. After sitting her down, Steve learnt of her debt situation and how she desperately needed some financial relief.


Confident he could find her a solution, Steve looked at Tam’s financials and credit history. He noticed her current loans were heavy, meaning that because they were short-term loans the monthly repayment amount was way more than it needed to be.

All her money was going to repayments and she had nothing left over for enjoying life. Steve’s aim was to look at stretching out the terms of her loan over a longer period, so that Tam had more cash in her back pocket.

Most loans are traditionally set up as five-year loans, but since market conditions have dropped in Western Australia, lenders are now offering seven-year loans to borrowers. This means your repayments can be stretched out over a longer term, offering a lower repayment schedule, better cash flow and more freedom to enjoy life.

Steve renegotiated and extended the terms of both Tam’s car and personal loan, saving her an extra $400 a month! With Steve’s ongoing support to budget and build her personal wealth, Tam finally has the freedom to decide where her money goes.

Steve’s advice: Seek help early.

  1. If you know you are not going to be able to honor an upcoming repayment..
  2. If the banks are calling you to discuss your finances or missed repayments..
  3. If your bank accounts are going into arrears..

..don’t wait until you’re in strife! 

It’s important to understand when you need refinancing compared to when you’re drowning in your own debt.

Like Tam, you don’t have to feel trapped by debt. Lend Me have a number of refinance and debt consolidation solutions that will give you more freedom to live the life you want.

Call Steve on 6234 6400 or drop us a message below to find out how Lend me can help create you more freedom to live the life you want. 



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