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Specialist Home Loan

Bad Debts… Maybe you should consider a Specialist Home Loan?

Have you had a financial set back and unable to get a loan or refinance with your bank? Does this sound like you?

  • Credit cards spiralling out of control
  • Need to consolidate your loans
  • Payout marks on your credit file such as Defaults, Judgements, Court writs,
    or even Bankruptcies

We all know someone who has had a business fail, been through a divorce, become ill or unemployed.

At Lend Me we understand many borrowers go through a significant life event and require a second chance.

Lend Me specialise in assisting those borrowers with bad credit or a poor credit history to purchase or refinance a home loan. By refinancing and consolidating your debts you may be able to minimise your repayments, settle debts in default and eventually clean up your credit rating.

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