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Self-Employed Home Loan

We specialise in assisting self-employed people by thinking outside of the square and looking at their complete position.

Choice and comparison of lenders for residential property, even for those who have been unable to secure finance because of financial or operating time. Leveraging equity from residential property for business purposes^.

Obligation free residential and business banking reviews to ensure current facilities are still meeting needs and are competitive. We conduct an audit of your current commercial or business facilities (including those secured on residential property) and go to tender to negotiate competitive packages on your behalf.

We can help you find the solution for your equipment finance needs. Whether you need earth moving equipment, industrial equipment, office and IT equipment, materials handling equipment, or even a fleet of business vehicles, we can find the finance option that will best suit your budget and your needs. See our Equipment Finance page for more information.

  • Are You Self-Employed and Unable to Prove Income?
  • Or Have You Been Businesses Less Than 2 Years?
  • Do You Have Problems Getting a Mortgage From Your Bank?

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At Lend Me, our mortgage brokers specialise in low documentation lending, also called self-certified mortgages, with attractive interest rates to help self-employed people like you get a home loan. We have access to lenders who provide home loans, outside of the big banks normal lending criteria.

Sometimes annual accounts are simply not yet available, or they don’t paint the full picture, or your customer may not have been in business for a full 2 years or their business is growing fast with increase in revenue which is not yet reflected in their historic financial accounts.

Did you know there are Low Doc loans are available for these circumstances? Low Doc is short for Low Documentation loan, it’s a loan which caters for borrowers that don’t have up to date 2 years financials or for borrowers that may be less than 2 years self-employed. They are the ideal self-employed home loan.

Lend Me make it easier for self-employed people to borrow against residential property on a Low Doc Loan. Self-employed home loans can be used for many reasons, for purchasing either an investment or owner occupied property, to free up capital for business growth, even to pay tax arrears.


Why would I need a Low Doc loan?

  • Incomplete Financials; you do not have updated financials available?
  • Short term Self-Employment; Lend Me have a Low Doc product available for
    minimum 6 months and 18 months Self-Employed
  • Cashflow; do you need a line of credit facility to assist with cashflow
  • Tax Arrears; do you have outstanding tax arrears? Lend Me’s Low Doc
    products cater for cash-out to pay for this
  • Business Purposes; do you want to use your home equity for cash-out for
    business purposes? Business investment? Lend Me’s Low Doc products
    cater for this
  • Unexpected Life Events; do you have credit impairments? Have they been
    bankrupt? Lend Me has products to help

Whether it’s because your accounts aren’t up-to-date or you work solely on a commission or tip basis, we can help.

Call today to discuss your options. We’ll listen when the banks won’t…
08 6234 6400 (or use the contact form below)

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