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Information to bring to your home loan appointment

Home Loan Appointment

To enable your broker to qualify you for your new home loan more quickly, bring the following documents to your appointment:

Proof of Identity

  • Drivers Licence, Passport, Birth Certificate (or Extract of Birth), Citizenship Certificate or Proof of Permanent Residency NOTE: You must provide photo ID and proof of Australian Residency / Citizenship

Financial Information

  • Most current payslips covering at least one full month and being no more than 2 weeks old
  • Letter from your employer stating when you commenced work with the employer, the type of employment (full time, part time, casual, etc) and your gross income
  • If your current employment is less than 6 months then you will require Group Certificates or Employment Letter from your previous employer
  • Group Certificates (also called PAYG Summary) for the last year
  • Current bank statements for the last 3 months on all accounts – you must include transactions for the last 30 days (internet printouts are ok only if you provide a bank statement that has your name, address and account number as well)
  • Current credit card /store card statements for the latest month and verifying credit limit (again internet printouts are ok only if you provide a bank statement that has your name, address and account number as well)
  • Loan Contracts: please provide a copy of any currently operating Loan Contracts and statements for the most recent three months for each – showing payments
  • Receipt(s) for deposits paid on your house and or land
  • Fully signed Offer and Acceptance Document (if you have already signed one).

If Self Employed

  • Tax Returns for previous financial year (interim financials may also be required) including Tax Assessment notices

If Applicable

  • Marriage Certificate.
  • Statutory Declarations concerning gifted funds for fees etc.
  • (By donor and recipient)
  • Confirmation of any Centrelink Monies – received or paid
  • Confirmation of any Child Maintenance – received or paid
  • Confirmation of any HECS debt
  • Confirmation of any rental income received

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