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It’s common for people to open a new super account each time they change jobs. With several super accounts, you often end up paying multiple fees and charges and it becomes easy to lose control of some of your funds. You could be missing out on super that you could be enjoying later in life!

Plan Me helps you find your lost super accounts and consolidate them. With all your super in one safe place there’s less paperwork, and fewer headaches down the track. And instead of paying for unnecessary accounts, you could be enjoying more money in your fund when you retire.

If you need help with building your super through salary sacrifice and co-contributions, we can also help you to understand the tax implications.

Australians are increasingly considering working longer and retiring later. If that sounds like you, and you’re thinking about planning your Transition To Retirement (TTR) strategy, you will need help navigating the options and making sense of the associated financial complexities. Plan Me helps clients make sense of the TTR pension, income needs and tax implications. We discuss transition to retirement strategies with you. Get all the answers you need about superannuation and the latest information about the Age Pension.

Whether you’re looking for help in consolidating your superannuation, building a healthier tax savvy super or planning your transition to retirement, talk to a Plan Me financial advisor today so we can put you on the path to a more abundant retirement.

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