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Estate Planning

How well prepared are you? With an estate plan in place, you can decide what will happen to your assets in the event of your death, or if are no longer able to make the big decisions.

When you work with Plan Me to help secure your financial legacy, we will liaise closely with you to ensure you have the best advice and information to reach your estate planning goals. It’s our job to make life simple for those you have left behind. We’ll create an estate planning model to equip you with everything that’s needed to secure your legacy exactly how you want it to be.

You spent decades building up your assets. It’s natural that you want to ensure that your estate’s assets pass to the intended beneficiaries (people and/or entities), whether that’s family, friends or preferred charities. By talking to us about estate planning, we can help you build an estate plan to ensure your wishes are carried out, efficiently and tax effectively to the letter.

We will work with you and other qualified advisers to ensure you have the most appropriate asset ownership strategy in place. Ownership structures are essential for tax planning, estate planning and asset protection. These structures include:

  • TIC
  • Joint tenants
  • Trusts
  • Companies

Do you have a valid will? Thinking about death isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but to ensure you control how your assets are distributed after you pass on, it’s important to get thinking about arranging a valid will. Without a current valid written – and even if you’ve told people about your intentions for who you want to leave things to – you wouldn’t have a say in decisions about how your assets will be distributed. Those decisions would be determined by the Public Trustee in your state or territory!

To take control of your assets after you’ve gone, talk to us about your estate planning so that your assets pass to the intended beneficiaries through a valid will. We’ll work with you and an estate planning specialist to ensure you gain the peace of mind you deserve by being well advised and well prepared.

So whether you want help in getting your will and powers of attorney organised, setting up appropriate insurances or help in minimising the tax payable by those who you have left behind, we are here to assist.

Note: Always seek legal advice to review your estate plan.

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