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Your Broker Series: Meet Steve

When you think of a Company Director you don’t often think of a fun, creative and epic people-person. Steve D’Costa, aka Mr D, is the Director of Lend Me and definitely breaks the mold of leaders in the finance fold.

Steve has more than fifteen years of finance and brokering experience under his belt as well as a keen entrepreneurial spirit. Day-to-day, Steve oversees Lend Me’s business development and activities but is also very involved in brokering.

Steve’s story is strong. Determined to offer people finance solutions to give them more freedom to do the things they love, Steve launched Lend Me, a brokering service that would do just that.

When he is not hands-on deck with Lend Me, Steve can be found spinning decks as a DJ, sampling new and old tracks as well as remastering the classics. A creative entrepreneur, Steve’s passion for music was the inspiration behind one of his successful small businesses, Platinum DJ’s and Photobooths.

Being the Director of Lend Me and growing a business portfolio doesn’t stop Steve from doing the things that matter most – spending quality time with his family and being a committed Justin Bieber fan. If you’re beginning to question Steve’s taste in music – don’t worry – he thinks inviting Michael Jackson over for dinner would be an absolute thriller, and we’d have to agree!

Both DJ-ing and brokering have the potential to make people smile, and that is what Steve aims to do for his clients.

“If you’re looking for a car or home loan and you don’t know where to start, see us first. We’ll take the lead, do the hard work for you and find the right finance solutions to give you more freedom to live the life you want.”

Relatable, friendly and fun is what Steve is all about. He is a dedicated people-person, so much so, it’s helped shape a core part of the business. Lend Me brokers are relationship-driven and have a “we come to you” service approach.

Specialising in car loans, home loans, investment property finance, business equipment finance and car buying services., Steve is always keen for a chat, so why not give him a call?

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