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Your Broker Series: Meet Chet

“Work hard play harder” is the mantra of Lend Me’s Finance Broker Chet Patel. Chet is the man behind personal loans and auto loans.

He can help you get into a new car or finance that dream holiday you’ve waited long enough for.

Chet is a charming Brit from London and it’s no surprise that he’s a big cricket fan. We’ve helped him adapt to the Aussie climate and he now enjoys playing cricket in the heat of summer – when he’s not perfecting his golf swing of course.

He’s good with a bat and ball and is one of Lend Me’s best all-rounders too. He draws on his knowledge of finance to give strong insights, advice and solutions to clients with a number of different needs.

“Pick the right car and we’ll take care of the rest”

Broker by day, Uber driver by night. Chet is a great networker and has a passion for getting to know new people. A down-to-earth family man, you can trust that he has your best interests at heart when it comes to your finance goals.

So why not give him a call and see how he can help you with a personal loan?

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